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We would like to announce some personnel changes at California Growers Laboratory, Inc. Roger P. Kerneur has joined the team as a consultant with 25 years of experience, specializing in Plant Science and Viticulture.

John LeBoeuf has also joined the team as a consultant with 25 years of experience specializing in Plant and Soil Science.

Our new consultants will continue to maintain the high quality performance of our laboratory, which is always under the professional expertise of Mr. Kamal Sakoury.

Thank you for your continued support!!!

....We are your complete agricultural testing laboratory serving valley growers since 1979. We utilize the same analytical equipment and procedures used by the University of California in developing the optimum ranges for the diverse crops grown in California.

Soil, plant and water analyses are the farmer's best guide to wise and efficient use of fertilizers and soil amendments. The cost of soil and tissue programs are far less than the cost of loss due to nutrient deficiencies or use of unneeded fertilizers. It is integral to choose a lab that does high quality work, which is based on accurate sampling, analysis and strict quality control. California Growers Lab. uses quality control samples from the National Institute of Standards, Washington D.C., and the Western State Proficiency Testing Program to insure the quality of your analysis.

California Growers Laboratory has soil and tissue permits from the USDA (Permit # -S-2852), which allows us to receive samples from anywhere in the world. We provide recommendations and crop consulting along with nematode testing and water analysis for agricultural suitability. 

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